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 Photographs by Daniel Lorenzetti
Text by Linda Rice Lorenzetti 


"The warm, espresso-toned photographs and essays cast light on the people behind the arduous work of coffee-bean production."

—Food & Wine, November 2000 


"Daniel and Linda are passionate about their work and it shows. I know something about traveling the world to seek out interesting stories about people and culture. Since National Geographic won't send all of us on assignment in search of coffee, this is the next best thing."

Boyd Matson, National Geographic Explorer 


"Here in this book in black and white you will find only images of a life, a coffee life. But so strong, with such emotion, that it will color your dreams."

Celsius Lodder
director, International Coffee Organization


"Coffee…"—The morning mantra of millions.  We greet the morning, take a break or end a meal with this dark brew, but few of us ever consider its origins. People all over the world wake up thinking about coffee, not simply as part of their morning routine, but as their livelihood.

 The Birth of Coffee (Clarkson Potter/Publishers, November 2000) is the centerpiece of a multimedia project that includes an international photographic exhibition and a complementary web site.  Travelling a quarter of a million miles, Linda Rice Lorenzetti and Daniel Lorenzetti trace the coffee cycle across four continents, from the old Dutch plantations of Sumatra to the mountains of Costa Rica, recording this centuries-old industry in eloquent text and striking images.  With its duo-tone photographs specially processed with coffee, The Birth of Coffee celebrates thedistant landscapes, cultural vitality, and individual labor that infuse the coffee trade.


 Although we purchase our coffee from business retailers and brew it in shiny, state-of-the-art coffee pots, coffee's origins are almost artisanal, most of it coming from small farms where little mechanization is used.  Where fields teeming with coffee trees spring from the mountainous landscape, Daniel Lorenzetti's rich portraits capture experienced workers cultivating, harvesting, drying, and sorting the beans. As the Lorenzettis reveal, by the time a coffee bean is on its way to port, it has moved through dozens of hands. 


The Birth of Coffee is more than the ultimate coffee-table book, it is a sweeping journey in images and prosethat illuminates the human experience behind the world's most beloved beverage.



 About the Authors

Daniel Lorenzetti is a journalist and award-winning photographer who has contributed to over twenty magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times and the Miami Herald. His photographs are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, including London's Victoria and Albert Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.


Linda Rice Lorenzetti is the editorial director of the Image Expedition. She is a correspondent for The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, the author of Introduction to the Internet, and a contributor to a Traveler's Tales anthology, The Adventure of Food.

 Daniel and Linda are the founders of the Image Expedition, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to gathering visual artifacts and producing multimedia documentary projects. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Three Forks, Montana.




 Photographs by Daniel Lorenzetti
Text by Linda Rice Lorenzetti
Clarkson Potter/Publishers, November 2000
192 Pages  $45.00
ISBN: 0-609-60678-6