Exhibition Option A- Photographs and narrative text

Media: 40-50 Fine art black and white photographs, silver gelatin prints, musuem quality and archival, toned in coffee photo labels and narrative text for each image, wall text.

Desired Space: 100 running feet of wall space contigious or in pieces.

Exhibition/Mounting Format/Needs:
Clean white walls with proper gallery lighting

Brief Description:

    At this time, the objectives of The Birth of Coffee are fourfold:

    • create an appropriate environment in order to view images and accompanying text which we call visual artifacts.
    • to facilitate community outreach activities
    • The goal of the exhibition is to extend the viewers' personal coffee experiences, providing them with an understanding of the many people who work long hours bringing coffee to the table.

One Sentence Description:

    The Birth of Coffee exhibition seeks to bring the contributions of coffee workers around the world into public view so that we might appreciate the long hours and hard work that go into every cup of coffee.

Label Description:

    The Birth of Coffee   documenting coffee from seed to cup
    photographs and video by Daniel Lorenzetti
    text by Linda Rice Lorenzetti

Catalog Provided:

A book of images has been published by Random House. This book contain images from the exhibition and can be used an exhibition catolog. A smaller catalog may also be developed.

Exhibition Events:

The exhibition will be supplemented with other proposed events including:

A book signing party
Gallery Tours
Special Presentations
Coffee Tasting,
Docent Training

Other exhibition components and options available please see our web site at www.birthofcoffee.com or call Daniel Lorenzetti at 512 585-0011.

Also we can provide web site links to or email photographs of previous exhibitions and installations.

Previous and Future Exhibitons:

Copia, The American Musuem of Wine Food and the Arts - 2002  64,000 visitors in two months

Rotunda Gallery Hynes Auditorium Boston 2003- 35,000 visitors in three weeks.

Broome Street Gallery New York City September 2004- private/public gallery exhibition.

United States Botanic Garden Washington D.C. April 1- June 12006 attendance 128,000 visitors

Kansas City Public Library - December 1- January 21, 2007