We have prepared a major travelling exhibition based on The Birth of Coffee that has already been shown to large audiences in more than half a dozen cities in the past few years.

The standard traveling exhibition consists of 40 framed museum quality black and white silver gelatin prints and narrative text.

The standard exhibition (photographs and captions only) requires approximately 125 linear feet of wall space as images are not stacked.

There are two standard exhibition elements. Photographs and Narrative Text.

Artifacts and a show banner are optional Most venues choose to show the photographs and captions only..

The standard exhibition comes in four padded exhibition crates and is very simple to install.

Photographs - The photographs are fine art, black and white silver prints that have been toned in coffee. The setting is the people and places of the coffee producing countries.

Narrative Text - The text takes the form of enhanced captions for the photographs and text panels.

Artifacts - Relevant and meaningful artifacts from the coffee producing countries are provided to supplement the visual experience. Here is shown a small trumpet used in Guatemala by pickers with the a photograph of a worker in  using the trumpet.

Banners and other signage enhance the exhibition.

For more information on this exhibition please contact
Daniel Lorenzetti at 512 585-0011. Thank you.