Clarkson Potter; ISBN: 0609606786

" Here in this book in black and white you will find only images of a life, a coffee life. But so strong, with such emotion, that it will color your dreams."

Celsius Lodder
Director,  International Coffee Organization

"Daniel and Linda are passionate about their work and it shows. I know something about traveling the world to seek out interesting stories about people and culture. Since National Geographic won't send all of us on assignment in search of coffee, this is the next best thing."

Boyd Matson
Host, National Geographic Explorer

Random House, the largest publishing house in the world, has announced publication of The Birth of Coffee. The book is now available directly from The Image Expedition by calling 512 585-0011.

The Birth of Coffee focuses on the workers worldwide whose livelihood depends on the growing and production of coffee.

The book's main content is 100 black and white, fine-art photographs by Daniel Lorenzetti.  A technique, developed by the artist for this project, has been used to color each of the photographs using coffee as an element. 

Organized by country, the text by Linda Rice Lorenzetti relates how coffee is important to the history and society of each producing nation. Enhanced captions explain each image.

"When Boyd Matson of the National Geographic says this book is the next best thing to getting sent out on assignment by the venerable travel magazine, you listen. And then you pick up this weighty, sepia-toned tome and begin your journey.

During their travels, authors Daniel Lorenzetti and Linda Rice Lorenzetti were intrigued by the beauty and enigma of a coffee plantation they encountered in Indonesia. But as they started to read books and publications on the subject, they became increasingly agitated: Where were the people who produced it? The Birth of Coffee is their answer to this question, and its eight chapters on eight different producing regions open a door to the common challenges and unique character of each region.

The book's photo-vignette-with-caption layout lends to a meandering approach—reading a caption here as you take in an image of a dirt road in Sulawesi lined with drying coffee there. While Rice Lorenzetti's tone throughout is the serious voice of a documentarian, the photo
s invite meditation on what it means to be drinking from such an exceptional cup."

                                                                                     Fresh Cup Magazine

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