Many people in and out of the coffee business have purchased The Birth of Coffee book for many different reasons.

Here is just a smaple of what people doing with the books and what they are saying!

Community Coffee of Louisiana purchased 700 Birth of Coffee books to give to clients and as Christmas presents for their employees.

Birth of Coffee books have even been mailed as far away as Sydney, Australia where Single Origin Roasters gave copies of inscribed and signed books to their clients.

Just a note to let you know that all four boxes have arrived safe and sound... Thank you very much. We even gave one away this morning to a client who was here for a coffee tasting and he was completely over the moon, and very appreciative. The books were a smashing success! All our clients were so gracious and thought they were absolutely beautiful.

Single Origin Roasters
Sydney, Australia

In 2006 and 2007 Caribou Coffee Company has given Birth of Coffee books as gifts to their Caribou Coffee Experts.

"We have given The Birth of Coffee to our annual Coffee Experts as a gift for the past two years and I can't you how much they loved the book. Your offer to inscribe and sign each and every book was much appreciated and made the gift truly special."

Lorri L. Benson, PHR
National Human Resource Manager
Caribou Coffee Company

You can purchase The Birth of Coffee directly from us. For single book, quantity orders or special signed editions, please call us directly at 512 585-0011.