Giclee Prints

A selection of photographs and prints from The Birth of Coffee are for sale.

For obvious copyright reasons, we cannot put images on-line for you to view. The Birth of Coffee book is our catalog.

There are two types of images.

The first are fine art photographs. These limited edition, silver gelatin prints, are museum quality and archival. These prints are art for the serious collector. They are available in 8x10 or 11x14.

Digital prints are the second, and less expensive, option. These prints are created from the same negative as the photograph but they are printed on watercolor paper with archival inks that will last for over 100 years. The quality of these prints is very good and the size of the image is generally 11x14,16x20 or 20x24.

Click on the Giclee Prints button on the left for a list of prints availble in this format.

Photographs and books can be ordered by calling 512 585-0011.