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Giclée prints marry the aesthetic appeal of the finest print making with the sophistication of digital technology. Giclée (pronounced "gee-clay") is French for fine spray — an appropriate name for this process which employs ink jet printers to produce fine art prints. The process uses a set of digitally controlled airbrushes (typically four, but up to six) to apply a vapor of ink onto any flexible surface. Since the advent of the giclée process, technological advances have substantially increased both print quality and longevity. Our giclée prints are now produced with Epson Archival Ink using micro-crystal capulization technology on Epson Archival matte paper. The resulting print is the finest product yet of giclée printers.

Initial tests on giclée prints with Epson's pigmented Archival Ink indicate an elapsed 200 years before noticealbe fading begins, depending on the substrate printed upon. While the tests continue to confirm even greater longevity, Epson giclée prints on Epson Archival matte paper have already proven to be one of the most stable color print media to date

Birth of Coffee Giclee Print List

These giclee archival prints are currently for sale in limited editions.Page numbers from the book are provided for each print.

Hand with Beans-Cover
1 Litre – In the front of the book
Coffee Plant – on flyleaf-inside the cover 


Yirgacheffe- page – 17
Washing Coffee-Men – page 24
Workers Gathering – page 21
Washing Coffee-Hands- page 25
Coffee Ceremony – page 35 


The Coffee merchant- page 54
The Coffee Seller –page 58 


Rain Girls- page 61
Erni and Marswafei-page 70
Roadside Roaster- page 73
Sulawesi Smile- page 79
Robusta Plant- on fly leaf, inside covers 


Bahian Migrant – page 86
Sorting Cherries – page 90
 The Drying Field – page 99
Coffee Trees in Franca- page 104
End of the day- Tools- page 105


Zona Cafetera – page 110/111
Warehouse at Armenia- page 125
To Market- page 117
El Patrone-pg 113 

Costa Rica

Picking Coffee-131
Picker at La Minita – page 133 
To the Field- page 134
In the Trees- page141
The Ox Cart-145


Beans on board –page 7
In the Ground – page 153 hands
Woman of San Juan Attilan page 155
La Trumpeta-page 160 


Kenyan Coffee Field 174/175
Bringing in the Cherries-page 177
Kenyan Picker-page 182
The Push- page 187
The Birth of Coffee- page 5 and back cover