A simple cup of coffee: Millions of people greet the morning, take a break, or end a meal with this dark brew. In these brief moments, coffee's rich flavor and deep aroma are simple pleasures unquestioningly accepted, although few of us ever consider the origins of this evermore popular beverage.

"I know something about traveling the world to seek out interesting stories about people and culture. Since National Geographic won't send all of us on assignment in search of coffee, this is the next best thing."                                          Boyd Matson, host, National Geographic Explorer

"This exhibition is fascinating because it puts us in touch with the origins of the documenting the stories of coffee farmers as well as the coffee production process, these photographs shed light on the complexity of our global food systems."
Alvaro Ramos, Director of Exhibitions, Notebeart Nature Museum

"One of the greatest galleries I've ever experienced viewing. The coffee history extended in this room not only nourishes my brain, but it sets a mood where I feel  that I'm in physical contact with the workers…"                                             Jen Okino visitor LA exhibition


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